Kwon Eun Bi shows her «Color»

Kwon Eun Bi shows her «Color»

If we had to define Kwon Eun Bi's last work, Color, we would definitely say it’s a piece of art. The talented singer, who previously dominated the stage as the leader of the girls group IZ*ONE is now signed under Woollim Entertainment, and her Global pr is handled by MJ Tonz. Now she’s back with her sophomore solo album, a new single, Glitch, that features her stunning visual and honey voice in a perfect mix with extravagant settings. While she sings “I come and go, like a glitch” on the MV, she runs through different locations, from a deserted city to the most futuristic spaces, dressed in gowns that only a true diva can pull off.

On April 11th, Hanteo chart released the Daily Physical Album ranking of April 10th. Eun Bi's mini-album Color placed fifth as it recorded 783 sales on its seventh day of release. Color has broken Eun Bi's personal record and is now her highest-selling first-week album. chatted with her in an exclusive interview with the Italian public.

Congratulations on your first solo comeback! How do you feel?

I'm so happy to be able to show you a variety of colors for my second mini-album.

Let’s talk a bit about you. You are a singer, you were a member of a girls group, IZ*ONE, and now you fly solo. You walked a long path to be here now. Which was the most challenging time for you?

IZ*ONE's debut was a huge challenge for me. Every time I make a solo album, it's now very challenging.

Let’s talk about your new album. What is Color Sound Painting for you?

For me, it’s a display of my music in various shades of colors.

You showed many different concept pictures, but I have to ask: which is your favorite color and why?

My favorite color is red; I think it's a color full of passion, so I like red the most.

Let’s talk about your tracks. This album has five songs in it. I will say the song title. Can you answer with one word and color that, in your opinion, represents it? Let’s start with The Colors of Light.

The Color of Light: Deep Sea - Blue

Glitch: Small Defects - Rainbow

Magnetic: Dark Love - Navy

Color: Sunset - Orange

Our Speed: Excitement - Pink

Off: Insomnia - Yellow, black

It's your second solo album. Is there anything you want to try for the next album?

The genre I really want to try is… playing with a band.

One last question. Who is Kwon Eun Bi now?

I think she's an artist who can do a variety of music.

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