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K-pop new generation: NOWADAYS

Get to know the first boy group to debut in eight years under Cube Entertainment's umbrella

Eight years ago, K-pop was a phenomenon—one of those adventures to look after with curiosity. Now, K-pop is what we can easily define as a game changer in the music industry. Cube Entertainment, which has always played a key role in the Korean Entertainment universe, is now back in the game with a new boy group: NOWADAYS.

This rookie boy band has debuted in K-pop, marking the beginning of an ambitious journey. With its eponymous debut album, NOWADAYS aims to establish itself as another strong force in the industry. Comprised of members Hyeonbin, Yoon, Yeonwoo, Jinhyuk, and Siyun, Nowadays lies under the Cube Entertainment umbrella, the talent agency known for producing successful K-pop groups such as PENTAGON, (G)I-DLE, and Lightsum.

The group's debut marks Cube's first venture into a new boy group eight years after PENTAGON. Their name combines “now,” which aims to inspire curiosity about the present, and “days,” which looks forward to the future and the memories to be created together with fans. Alongside their powerful name is their ambition to establish a new pop genre, DAYS-POP, that will grow with them. It lays its foundation in “OoWee,” whose soulful melody and hip-hop elements driven by an 808 bass groove underscore the boys as the Anti-Love Squad trying to catch the mischievous criminal Cupid.

Before their debut, the members of the fifth-generation group traveled long roads to be CUBE’s newest boy group, following in the footsteps of BTOB, Pentagon, and Beast. NOWADAYS it is not just a rookie group: it’s a manifestation of Cube Entertainment's commitment to nurturing talent and pushing boundaries in the ever-evolving landscape of K-pop. The group's debut album showcases their versatility and potential, with tracks ranging from upbeat pop anthems to heartfelt ballads. Each member brings a unique flavor to the group, contributing to their dynamic chemistry on stage and in the studio. Despite being a newcomer, NOWADAYS has already garnered a dedicated fanbase, known affectionately as "Nowadays Nation." Through social media platforms and fan events, the group interacts closely with its supporters, creating a strong sense of community and camaraderie.

Looking ahead Nowadays has ambitious plans for the future, spoke with them.

Nice to meet you boys and congratulations on your debut. How does it feel?

HYEONBIN: First, Thank you so much for your congratulations! All of our members have been trainees for a while, so being able to debut feels even more special.

YOON: Although I am very nervous, but I’m even more excited and can’t wait to see all of our fans who have been waiting for us!!

YEONWOO: It feels like a dream. As much as I've been waiting for a long time, this moment is so precious and I'm so happy! I want to meet our fans as soon as possible.

JINHYUK: I’m so excited and nervous to debut as I have waited for so long! As much as we have prepared for a long time, I want to show our fans what we have practiced.

SIYUN: I’m happy and excited since this is the day all our members have been dreaming of and waiting for every day while we practice. I can't wait to show all our five charms to everyone around the world!

Can I first thing first ask you to please introduce yourself as a group and each one of you?

HYEONBIN: Hello, I’m HYEONBIN and I’m in charge of the attractive vocals and the strong-minded leader of this team!

YOON: Hello I’m YOON and I'm in charge of the vocal, mood maker, and cutest of this team.

YEONWOO: Hello This is YEONWOO. I'm the only member of ‘I’ among our team, and I'm in charge of the main dancer and warm vocalist.

JINHYUK: Hello I’m JINHYUK. I’m in charge of listening to our members' concerns and a rapper.

SIYUN: Hello, I'm in charge of the rapper and the team's youngest MacGuyber handyman SIYUN.

In your debut clip, you were roaming around the busy streets of London. Can you tell us more about the filming?

YEONWOO: I was delighted about the photo shoot. I tried to convey my feelings as casually as I could, but when I first saw the Seven Sisters' scenery, I felt so overwhelmed and I fell in love with the beauty on the cliff that I can't forget that moment.

SIYUN: London filming was more remarkable because it was my first time shooting abroad, the Seven Sisters Cliff and other foreign sceneries were breathtaking. The shooting was exciting, and I had so much fun there!

Can you tell us more about your group name and the concept behind it?

HYEONBIN: ‘NOWADAYS’ contains the aspiration to be curious about the audiences and fans’ ‘present (NOW)’ and to create cherished moments and memories together in future ‘DAYS’.

I’m curious to know more about your debut song. What was your first thought when you first heard it?

YOON: It had an addicting kitsch melody with hip-hop elements, so I couldn't stop humming it.

JINHYUK: When I first heard our song It was the song style I have been listening to, with a lot of hip-hop elements. I wanted to record as soon as possible and learn our full choreography.

There is a lot of curiosity around you, can you say something to your fans?

HYEONBIN: Whatever you think, I want to say that it's more than expected.

YOON: Don't get sick and stay healthy. Let's spend all of our time together!

YEONWOO: Please show a lot of love for us and stay tuned!!

JINHYUK: If you start watching us, you'll be into us right away:)

SIYUN: We want to make a positive impact on your daily lives and make you smile! Please show us a lot of love!

Can we help the fandom by knowing you better with some fast-answer questions?

- Favorite color?

HYEONBIN: Blue is my favorite color.

YOON: I love black.

YEONWOO: Achromatic color.


SIYUN: I also like black.

- Favourite food?

HYEONBIN: Grilled intestines at Daegu Anjirang.

YOON: Spicy Soft Tofu Stew (Sundubu jjigae), Ramyeon and Hot Pot.

YEONWOO: Meat and pasta are my best!

JINHYUK: I am a meat lover.

SIYUN: Chicken and watermelon is my favorite!

- Which is your MBTI?






- Which is the emoji that represents you the most?


YOON: ❤️




Who are Nowadays now?

HYEONBIN: We will be artists who give comfort and emotion to our fans who love us! We will put in all the effort, so please give us a lot of love and support!

YOON: Because all our members have different colors, we shine more when we are together.

YEONWOO: Friendly group that is like a friend to the fans.

JINHYUK: The more you know about us, the more curious group.

SIYUN: Each member may have their own charms, but we're a better group like a rainbowwhen we are together!

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