Welcome to JAMIE's «Pity Party»
Welcome to JAMIE's «Pity Party»

Welcome to JAMIE's «Pity Party»

The one shown by JAMIE it's not precisely a pity party like the one we are used to. Still, like Park Jimin (this is her real name) sung in her last single, a double shot of lemon Bacardi could be enough to go all the way up from the downward spiral we usually fall after a bad breakup. The result is one of those songs that stick to your mind, visually and musically speaking. With her vampiresque look, a melody, and a chorus that is too catchy not to be sung, Jamie's pity party is more of a celebration of her undisputed talent.

Panorama.it spoke with her.

Welcome back JAMIE. Can you introduce yourself to the Italian public?

Hi, I’m Jamie from South Korea. I do R&B music and pop music also in Korea.

Your last single is called Pity Party. Can you share with us the creative process behind the song?

All the visuals and the music video directions were from the music video director. I have been receiving many songs, and this is one of the songs that I have liked the most. It has news of what I really want to come out and sing as, so I chose the song.

It’s also your first song in English as Jamie. How was it?

It was actually a really good choice of the song, and I don’t regret it. All the concepts and everything was what I really wanted to try and dive in for, so I really like it.

You entered the k-pop world at a really young age. If you could give the old you some advice which one would it be?

I think I would just say go with the flow, don’t try too hard, it’s going to be ok because I believe you need to learn from one of those times when it comes to you, and it hits you. It’s like the most significant time that you know about something. So, I wouldn’t say anything about ‘keep safe or be safe.’

Your vocals are striking indeed. You were born for this. But what was the dream of the young Park Jimin?

I like to swim, so I would love to do something with my body like ballet or swimming. But my parents both love to sing, so I think I got the gene from them.

When did you realize you actually wanted to be a singer?

It was not too young, I think around 14 to 15. When I started the audition was like when I wanted to start as “oh, I might really want to sing in front of the public and have my own songs.” So, yes, starting from the audition.

You previously said that you wouldn’t stick to one sound. If you had to describe your music using one adjective, which one would it be?

I would say chameleon because it changes colors whenever it wants to be or where it is.

You signed with Warner Music in 2020, and it was the beginning of a new chapter for you. What should we expect next from you?

Starting a new chapter is like a really big one. Like having one step ahead, one step forward. So, I think that because I have started bringing this, it will be important to keep it and stick to it continuously from now on.

You said that your mission is “not to fake music.” What does it mean to be real in the music universe?

Fake is not really the point; the truth is the point where I can sing about what happens in my life. Something like genuine emotions and somewhere I stayed for or what I’ve been feeling about are that I want to deliver to my fans. These are all that come out of me. So that’s what I wanted to do.

You collaborated with a lot of artists. From PH-1 to Doja Cat to Fredde La Grand. Do you have a dream collaboration?

Always I have said is Rihanna, she is one of the best singers that I wanted to be like as a singer, so Rihanna is my number 1.

Who is JAMIE right now?

JAMIE that you know, and you think she is, you see as if it is her right now. I don’t want to put myself in a shellbox and be like, this is Jamie. I just want everyone to see who is me, as me, in different colors. It doesn’t matter.

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