Wall-T: a new way to learn having fun
Wall-T: a new way to learn having fun
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Wall-T: a new way to learn having fun

Protom and its technological turning point

Protom is an Italian company that has been offering advanced services with high technological content since 1995. Based in Naples, the innovative company has closed the year 2015 with a 20% increase in its turnover. Furthermore, Protom has issued a hiring campaign for 40 IT engineers.

Interestingly, the company plays a great role in the field of education and culture. In fact, its remarkable IT skills allow it to recreate the environment of Ancient Rome and Athens, as splendid as they were. As a result, visitors have the chance to get involved in a great experience, being very realistic and multi-sensory. As a matter of fact, this technology is able to create unusual Museums, which allow visitors to go back in time, even in "long lost times".

Fabio De Felice - Protom's founder - has proudly commented on his business, highlighting the fact that "the company has efficiently used its multi-tasking ability, developing a great know-how in the field of System Integration and working with big international companies."

A noteworthy Protom's invention is Wall-T, particularly relevant to museums and cultural institutions. Wall-T allows 3D guided tours in ancient contexts and it gives you useful information on the most relevant characters of the time. Thanks to the biometrical sensors, the user can also virtually manipulate and grab objects, interacting with the reality he sees.

Wall-T is also very useful in the field of health care, in particular in rehabilitation with personalised exercises for each patient.

Finally, Wall-T represents a great technological turning point in the education field (exploring every single detail of artistic masterpieces but also of literature and physics) and in marketing & communication, where customers could be able to leaf through interactive catalogues at any time. One thing is certain: whatever you do with Wall-T seems to involve a lot of fun.

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