Quomi, the Italian app for food shopping and cooking
Quomi, the Italian app for food shopping and cooking
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Quomi, the Italian app for food shopping and cooking

How Italy can change digital food and food e-commerce habits

The business incubatorDigital Magics has recently launched on the market the innovative startup Quomi. The latter has the goal of revolutionizing the way Italians do food. In fact, thanks to its food delivery service, Quomi brings home high quality ingredients, rigorously fresh, weighted and ready to use for the cooking. Another good news for customers is that the delivery is completely free.

But how does Quomi work? Every Monday the company purchases fresh products by Italian farmers mentioned by the weekly menu. In fact, every week, nine easy but tasty recipes are posted on the website www.quomi.it, bearing in mind to use only seasonal products and to vary among several regional specialities. Quomi is also attentive to the environment, using fully recycling boxes and reducing food wastes.

Quomi stands out as an example of Italian entrepreneurship fitting the market of Digital Food, constantly expanding. According to the study released by the marketplace AgFounder, 2015 was the year characterized by the greatest number of investments in the agTech, i.e. technology applied to the food sector. The total amount of money invested was 4,6 billion dollars (100% more compared to 2014), of which 35% was made up by the financial operations in the food e-commerce.

Italy as well has witnessed an outstanding growth of this sector over the last few years and forecasts (Euromonitor 2014) tell us that the food e-commerce sector is to expand further, making up to 329 million Euros in 2017.

Andrea Bruno (Quomi Founder and CEO) together with Daniele Bruttini (Quomi Founder and President) have declared their ambitious goal of revolutionizing Italians' cooking habits and the way they buy food. Furthermore, both Quomi's founders have highlighted their desire to expand the business both in Italy and abroad. They seem to be on the right track, considering Quomi's recent funding award given by Alimenta2Talent and the agreement with Euroventures.

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