Certilogo: the smart Italian invention to unmask impostors
Certilogo: the smart Italian invention to unmask impostors
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Certilogo: the smart Italian invention to unmask impostors

An innovative way to defend quality

Certilogo is the new technological friend to assess the authenticity of products, guaranteeing the brands the chance to partner with their consumers, identifying the counterfeit merchandises.

Certilogo is an Italian invention, launched in 2006 in Milan. Over the time, the platform became a world leader in product authentication and consumer protection, enlarging its client portfolio with more than 50 internationally famous brands in several fields. Some examples are Versace and Diesel (fashion), Campagnolo (cycling) and Sandvik (industrial equipment).

Certilogo working mechanism is very simple: it operated by means of the specific app or through the website, collecting information from the users, who can be: brands, consumers, wholesalers, custom agencies and other control authorities. Data collected is analysed by the artificial intelligence engine, which verifies real-time whether a product is original.

Data collected by Certilogo in the last 12 months has revealed that a luxury fashion product out of 10 is forged, mostly bought online. This is quite remarkable and consumers have defended themselves with Certilogo, today used by 1,4 million consumers.

Given that counterfeit products have produced 1.8 billion dollars income, brands have been a lot damaged and they needed a way to protect their business. For this reason, the use of Certilogo is increasing and the leadership has recently appointed Mr Jim Evans as new Chief Business Officer.

He has experience in the field, having worked previously for NetNames, specialized in the protection of brands online, but also at Electrolux and at Melbourne IT Digital Brand Service. Mr Evans strongly supports the work of Certilogo, defining it a "smart way to defend quality".

Another relevant name recently entered Certilogo team: Elisabetta Sabaini. She was appointed as Regional Director of Sales in Europe, at Certilogo headquarters in Milan. Mrs Sabaini is an expert in logistics and management, having a remarkable experience in the field. So far, Certilogo is used in over 170 countries in the world, having the top users in United Kingdom, United States, Korea, Italy and China.


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