Introducing Netcomm, the Italian digital e-travel hub

Introducing Netcomm, the Italian digital e-travel hub

EDreams ODIGEO and Amedeus launch a new start up to boost tourism

Italian appeal as a tourist destination is increasing year after year. According to a recent study conducted by the Bank of Italy, Russian, American and Chinese are the most passionate about Bel Paese. These statistics are also confirmed by the appreciation conveyed by the interviewees - namely 130 thousands  - whose overall mark improved, achieving 8.6 compared to 8.3% of last year. The most visited locations are artistic cities but tourism is a great resource for the entire country, which has generated 34,2 billion Euros only in 2014.

In order to facilitate the business of startups involved in the touristic field, Netcomm, a new digital e-travel hub, was created. Its great promoters are eDreams ODIGEO and Amedeus. The first is the online travel agency leader in European market whose presence in spread in 44 different countries whereas the latter is a big name in the field of advanced technologies supply for the travel global industry, counting 10.000 employees worldwide. The relevance of this sector was explicitly recognized by Roberto Liscia, Netcomm President, who declared "tourism market in Italy is worth 110 billion ? but still less than 10% is made through eCommerce". This data is astonishing since in other countries this percentage reaches 50%. For these reasons, Netcomm leadership stressed the need to expand the business on line, also using the big platform of Expo 2015 as a venue to promote the initiative.

The great novelty of the project would be the direct and immediate access to eDreams ODIGEO given to new startups partners, where the latters can offer their services to a broad community of users. As highlighted by Angelo Ghigliano, Country Director of eDreams ODIGEO Italy, this e-Travel service will provide newly born companies the perfect chance to enter the market and attract new clients. Finally, Netcomm presents a number of services supporting companies, ranging from strategic and technological consultancy to internationalization of the offer.

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