A walk into cignature's Aurora

After their debut track, Nun Nu Nan Na, in 2020 and their last album, Dear Diary Moment, dated 2021, cignature are back with new music, and a new project called My Little Aurora. This album consists of tracks with distinct colors unique to cignature and full of various elements that will captivate domestic and foreign listeners, such as musical perfection and aesthetic lyrics. The title song, AURORA, is characterized by a lyrical melody and cute and refreshing lyrics in a cheerful EDM house genre. It is a song full of excitement about the fateful companion of the girls heading to meet the aurora of their dreams.

Panorama.it chatted with them.

Hi girls, long time no speak. How have you been?

Chaesol: Hello, this is cignature Chaesol. Nice to meet you. We released a Christmas Album with our company’s seniors and juniors last December. I had time to develop myself, such as guitar practice, exercise, reading books, and practicing my acting skills. We want to meet SignFan soon!

Belle: Hello, this is cignature Belle. In the meantime, I have been practicing, taking lessons, and preparing for our comeback.

Jeewon: Hello, this is cignature Jeewon. I had a lot of time to get closer to my members and worked hard for self-development.

Dohee: Hello, this is cignature Dohee. In the meantime, I worked hard to prepare for our comeback through individual and group practice. I had a good time making fun memories with my members!

Seline: Hello, this is cignature Seline. In the meantime, I worked hard for our comeback by taking lessons and exercising.

Semi: Hello, this is cignature Semi! Nice to meet you. In the meantime, I have been practicing vocal and choreography.

Chloe: Hello! I have prepared a lot for this comeback! As we practiced and recorded for this comeback, we got closer. I had a lot of enjoyable experiences personally while filming a survival show and doing radio DJ for half a year.

Congratulations on your last release, can you tell us more about your third mini-album?

Belle: Thank you. cignature’s 3rd Mini Album [My Little Aurora] contains our title song, ‘AURORA,’ as well as ‘I’m Okay,’ ‘PALACE,’ and ‘PARADE.’ This album, which consists of tracks with our distinct colors, is full of musical perfection as well as aesthetic lyrics, so please look forward to this album.

You called it My Little Aurora, what does it means?

Seline: [My Little Aurora] sings the story of girls going to meet the aurora of their dreams through the title song <AURORA>. It captures the thrill of finding the dreams and ideals that everyone has in their hearts.

AURORA is also the title track, you hint in it you are going to meet the aurora of your dreams. Which is your aurora right now?

Chaesol: Our aurora is SignFan. We’re sure they’ll be a SignFan forever! We exist because of SignFan~!

Belle: Same as Chaesol, our aurora is SignFan. We haven’t seen them a lot since our debut, but we’re excited and happy that we’ll be able to meet them often during this promotion.

Jeewon: Our aurora is our SignFan! They’re so beautiful and precious that we can’t take our eyes off them.

Chloe: Our aurora is when we’re with our SignFan! We think that cignature and SignFan make each other special.

We also have three other songs in the album: PARADE, PALACE, I’m Okay. I want to start with this last one: it’s a very unique sound for you girls. How was working on a trap hip-hop song?

Jeewon: It was nice to be able to sing a song that we always wanted to try. Our members do their parts well, and it’s good that it’s even a coupling song.

Dohee: It was the first genre we tried, so it was very different! When we finished recording, the members did a great job! It was fun to sing as well.

Seline: It’s the first song in the genre we’ve tried, and we put a lot of effort into recording it because we wanted to express a confident feeling.

Then we have PALACE. The message behind it is you are inviting to a new space: what do you wanna show to SignFan?

Semi: There are many charms that cignature has yet to show! We want to show you various new sides, for instance, a hip feel.

Chloe: We want you to know that we are always with SignFan wherever we are. We are happy wherever we are with SignFan!

Seline: We want to show a lot of close friendship and unity within us. We want to share a lot of pleasant energy with you.

And last but not least, we have PARADE. The chorus is really addictive. What did you think about this song when you first listened to it?

Chaesol: That’s right! The introduction sounded very addictive. It must have felt like a circus troupe!

Dohee: When I first heard the song, the chorus lingered in my ears all day! I think it’s an addictive and cute song.

Semi: I’ve been singing along to the chorus ever since I first heard it. It’s very addictive, and the song makes you want to jump around.

Chloe: <PARADE> is a song that gets better the more you listen to it. I was worried about whether I could express it well, but when I listened to it after recording, I was proud that each member’s unique vocals were expressed well!

This is your third mini album, since your debut, you went through a lot. Looking back at those years, how would you describe your path in the k-pop industry?

Jeewon: We think a special group has appeared in K-Pop. We want to show our uniqueness with special music and performances!

Dohee: We want to further strengthen our position in K-Pop in the future!

Semi: It seems to be steadily developing as if slowly building a tower one by one.

Last time I asked you to describe yourself with an object, this time, I’m making things difficult for you girls. If you can describe yourself right now with one color, one food, and one scent, which would it be?

Chaesol: To express myself, I will choose a color, white. I like a clean and natural feeling. I like basic things the most! It’s hard to choose among various food, but it will be a soft and sweet ice cream. A musk scent will express me as a fragrance.

Belle: Purple, salt, and sweet smell will express me.

Jeewon: Pink, cake, and flower smell will express me.

Dohee: Red, cherry, and the fresh cherry scent will express me! I think these three will express my lively personality well!

Seline: Indigo-blue, Kkul-Tteok (honey rice cake), and the scent of my favorite perfume will express me.

Semi: Sky blue, Korean noodle, and the musk scent will express me.

Chole: Silver will express me! I love the shiny and mysterious feeling!

I’m curious about another thing: which song are you playing on repeat lately?

Chaesol: I am listening to YOUNHA’s ‘Event Horizon’ repeatedly.

Belle: I listen to our song <AURORA> the most, except for that song, ‘Ditto’ by NewJeans!

Seline: These days, I watch the Japanese drama, ‘An Incurable Case of Love,’ and I often listen to Official髭男dism’s ‘I Love,’ which is the OST.

You have a very refreshing vibe, which is cignature’s secret?

Semi: When being with the members, the tension rises as a group, and everyone becomes brighter. Thanks to that, we think it naturally melts into the concept and gives off a refreshing feeling.

Chloe: We think the refreshing feeling is our team’s strength. We are lively, so we think the vibe is shown naturally on stage.

What’s next for you girls?

Chaesol: Our goal is to be with our fans with healthy and positive energy in 2023! As this is our long-awaited comeback, we want to do our best on every stage and meet our fans in various ways. Thank you.

Jeewon: This year, we plan to meet SignFan without a break, so be prepared, SignFan!! 😊

Dohee: We hope there will be more opportunities to meet SignFan in 2023! We plan to do the promotion happily without getting sick.

Seline: cignature is ready to take a step closer to SignFan in 2023! We open the door to 2023 with our comeback, so please pay attention until the end of the year. We hope to see more of you this year! Thank you.

Semi: It appears to be more time to meet fans with more active promotions, so please look forward to us!

Chloe: We are always practicing hard to show the public as many stages as possible. Please look forward to us and contents in the future.

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