An Italian company devoted to the space
An Italian company devoted to the space
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An Italian company devoted to the space

The innovative D-Orbit and its mission to fight space pollution

The new startup D-Orbit is the first one taking a significant step forward in the field of space pollution. Active in Italy, USA and Portugal, D-Orbit invented a device able to block non-active satellites from meander aimlessly in the orbit. In spite of the seriousness of space pollution, the company has no competitors so far.

The initiative was launched by Luca Rossettini - born in Vicenza - graduated in aerospace engineering from the Politecnico in Milan.  He was the founder of the first concept of the device aimed at removing space wastes.  Rossettini's great love for space was highlighted by his recent declarations, "I wasn't able to become an astronaut so I thought about another way to go to the orbit and I became an entrepreneur".

Luca's training was enriched by prestigious awards, such as the Fulbright BEST Scholarship in the Silicon Valley and an internship at the NASA Research Centre.

At Santa Clara University (California), Rossettini met Renato Panesi - another young aerospace engineer - who became his partner in the foundation of D-Orbit. The company was finally created in 2012, thanks to Quadrivio, an Italian venture fund. The company is active in satellites "decommissioning", i.e. devices installed on board before the launch able to remove artificial satellites from their orbit once their operational life is over.

In a very little time D-Orbit has obtained very important prizes, such as Red Herring Global and the Best Presentation Award, also arriving among the finalists of Pioneers Asia Challenge and MassChallenge. D-Orbit has also signed some remarkable contracts with the European Space Agency, Airbus and with the European Commission.

The young company has already employed 30 people and aims at hiring 15 more by the end of 2016. Invitalia - theItalian Agency for the attraction of Investments - is also committed to help them through the loan Smart&Start Italia.

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