Tips and tricks for traveling to South Korea: the eSim
Tips and tricks for traveling to South Korea: the eSim

Tips and tricks for traveling to South Korea: the eSim

When you travel abroad, one issue is finding a good data plan and a way to stay connected to the world without spending hundreds of euros per day. The pocket wifi is one of the most excellent solutions ever. It is easy to use; you can connect multiple devices, it works everywhere, and it doesn’t need any setup. It could run out of battery and doesn’t has a chance to let you have phone calls quickly without using apps like Skype - which will cost you money too - or messaging apps like Whatsapp or KakaoTalk. But there is a solution.
The solution has the name Embedded Subscriber Identification Modul. In short. Esim. eSIM is an embedded SIM and allows you to activate a cellular plan without using a physical SIM card. It works the same way as a traditional SIM card, but as a digital SIM, eSIM is pre-installed on your device, so you can use it by simply installing it with a QR code.

eSIM-enabled devices launched in 2019 and later. It can be used carrier unlocked Apple iPhone XR, XS or newer, Pixel 4 or newer, Samsung Galaxy Fold, or more current devices that feature “Dual eSIM” or “Dual SIM with eSIM.” eSIM can be used by scanning the eSIM plan in forms of QR code. By checking the QR code, the device will automatically guide to set the line and be ready to use the data plan. (Also, the eSIM plan can be added by entering the information manually.)

eSIM Korea by WHIZ provides the ultimate eSIM service for travelers in Korea. eSIM Korea helps travelers to access local data plans using virtual SIM and provide the easiest way to get connected in Korea at a reasonable price. You can choose a local plan - like for Seoul, Jeju, or Busan - or a fixed one that will connect you everywhere. You can also choose plans from 4GB, 6GB, or Unlimited (our suggestion). Also, the price is so little it is worth trying.

Installing and using it is very simple: you just buy the plan you want, add your email address, and you’ll receive an email with a QR code. Scan it on your device, and it’s done. You are ready to use your virtual eSIM on your mobile phone without any issues.

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