Why Asians love Dolce e Gabbana's style
Why Asians love Dolce e Gabbana's style
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Why Asians love Dolce e Gabbana's style

A playful, sensual Italian aesthetic catches Asian people taste together with old silhouettes, vibrant colours and prints

A few weeks ago the Hong Kong daily South China Morning Post published a very interesting interview to Italian famous fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana aimed at highlighting why Asians are in love with their style and creations.

Dolce e Gabbana is one of the most renowned label in the world. However, Dolce admits that that fashion is currently going through a very turbulent time. "Things are changing a lot. I don't know what is the future [of fashion]. We are not a very fresh label, we are not avant garde, but [as a designer] if you try to find a personality, have a memory and have a style, and work around this, this is forever."

Personality, memory and style are crucial to keep oneself on the right track, but inspiration is also needed to continue creating something unique. At the moment, Dolce and Gabbana are giving the impression they are keen to let Asia inspire them. They have been to Thailand, Hong Kong  and China, stressing how important travel is to clear and clean both mind and brain. "When you are around different cultures, the colours, the attitude, the elegance, maybe inspire you," said Gabbana, while Dolce added that he was impressed by the beauty and the elegance of the girls he met in Thailand, especially those belonging to ethnic minorities, and that he saw the most beautiful baby in his life there.

In Shanghai, they launched their first photo book with an Asian athlete: two-time Olympic badminton champion Lin Dan. This publication is the latest in a line dedicated to male beauty. "The physique, style and prowess of male athletes are presented in moody photos, some of which could be considered risqué, featuring buff bodies in various states of undress."

Dolce and Gabbana believe that all Asian countries are ripe for fashion now. "The magazines are more beautiful, they have more courage. The Chinese people who are fashionable are [also] very good looking; and it doesn't look cheap." Their belief is confirmed by the fact that their label is gaining ground not only in China, but also in Asia's less developed countries. Asian people love their playful, sensual Italian aesthetic, as well as their old silhouettes, vibrant colours and prints.

The Asian market for Italian labels is booming, And Dolce and Gabbana do not want to miss this once in a life occasion to strengthen their brand there.

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