Volunteer travellers, an Italian experience
Volunteer travellers, an Italian experience
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Volunteer travellers, an Italian experience

Mixing travellers with locals: doing good as we go

Muskoka foundation (Do Good as You Go- DGYG) is made up by volunteer travellers who are involved in a process of teaching, learning and collaborating with local communities from around the world to foster positive changes. The foundation aims at redefining voluntarism associating it to the idea of responsible travel. The latter involves the concept of DGYG combined with a different idea of travelling that included a positive attitude towards serving and learning from the locals.

Remarkably, Muskoka's mission is also to make children dream with images of amazing places shot by the travellers. Among them, an Italian citizen is taking part in the project. His name is Stefano Mangini and he stands out as a traveller exploring Latin America but also as a dreamer. He made his first adventurous journey 14 years ago, when he moved from Shanghai to Genoa by motorbike. Mr. Mangini made this decision to push his limits and to have an unforgettable experience but he could not have imagined how much this trip would change him.

He rode 25000 km, exploring several countries and being immersed into different cultures, habits and lifestyles. When he came back to Italy, Stefano was a different person. The beautiful memories of that journey motivated Mr Mangini to pack again and be ready for another adventure. This time the destination is Latin America and the aim is to explore Mesoamerican civilizations in contact with the universe before the Renaissance exploring about 20 countries.

This time though, Stefano Mangini will "do good as he goes". For this reason, he will stop in schools, teaching kids how to communicate through photography, using ad hoc portals. The driving force is Mangini's desire to transmit his passion for travels and do something for local communities. This new adventure will start from San Francisco (California) on the 1st September 2016, and here is the link to follow this amazing trip.

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