The Bergamotto’s revival in POP Cuisine
The Bergamotto’s revival in POP Cuisine
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The Bergamotto’s revival in POP Cuisine

Italy relaunching and ancient healthy and tasty fruit

Chef Davide Oldani has re-interpreted the healthy and tasty bergamotto. Two bergamotto fruits, some bay leaves and a recipe by Chef Oldani is the interesting match sold by the great distribution in Italy. This initiative was conceived especially for those who do not know this fruit and its outstanding properties.

Inside an elegant packaging, this initiative was promoted by "Citrus - The Italian Garden" and aims at reviving the ancient fruit from Calabria. On the packaging we read "not treated" meaning that, after the harvest, bergamotto is simply washed with water. This is also essential to keep all the precious properties of the fruit located on its zest, such as fibres, calcium, potassium, vitamin C, limonoids, and limonene.

Similar to oranges, this fruit can be eaten in slices, drunk as a juice or just using its zest to enrich every dish in accordance with the principles of Oldani's "POP Cuisine" involving a great use of citrus fruits.

Besides being tasty, bergamotto has many healthy properties: it is rich in flavonoids, natural compounds, and other elements useful to help cardiovascular health. Moreover, bergamotto also contributes to cancer prevention. Together with Citrus, Mr. Oldani is a long-standing supporter of Umberto Veronesi Foundation, donating funds for the work of high-profile doctors and researchers who decided to devote their lives to the fight against numerous pathologies.

For many years now, Citrus has been committed to support scientific research especially in the field of nutrigenomics, namely the study of the effects of specific kinds of food on our genes for the prevention of certain diseases. Citrus has also put in evidence the results of an interesting study on bergamotto promoted by the University of Calabria focusing on the benefits of bergamotto juice. Taken on a daily basis, bergamotto juice reduces blood cholesterol and works as an effective anti-inflammatory.

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