Rome’s new icon of sustainability: the sports centre Fulvio Bernardini
Rome’s new icon of sustainability: the sports centre Fulvio Bernardini
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Rome’s new icon of sustainability: the sports centre Fulvio Bernardini

A unique area made of recycled tyres

Rome, the Italian capital, became the protagonist of an ambitious project having a great environmental significance. The first sports centre made up of old tyres has been set up and it is quite attracting. The name of the centre is Fulvio Bernardini and it was created in partnership with Ecopneus, the organisation active in the recovering of tyres, and with the Italian Union of Sport for Everyone.

The project allowed the use of 13000 old tyres coming from cars, giving a brilliant example of sustainability to the territory and the community. Tyres were used for a soccer court, for the track and field lanes and for the gym floor, creating a soft area ideal for younger visitors.

The use of tyres in a sports centre presents a number of advantages. Firstly, it is possible to practice sports insecurity, especially for families with young children, for who falling down is a regular praxis.

Daniele Frongia - Rome vice mayor and council member for Sport of Youth- has depicted the centre as an example of virtue big cities should opt for. Enthusiastically, he stated that Rome future keywords should be: sustainability, re-use and accessibility.

Also, Giovanni Corbetta, Ecopneus General Director, has stressed the great value of this project, highlighting the potentials in terms of new possibilities of employment, new sustainable products, the fight against illegality and a remarkable industrial boost.

Fun, sport and environment have become the winning elements of the sports centre Fulvio Bernardini in Rome. This is a venue where the city and the suburbs, youths and adults, old and new come together in a creative way.

A remarkable instance of creativity is the soccer court. It is made up of 110 tonnes of gum granules, ideal for absorbing shocks and ball bounces. Also, the gum used for the floor guarantees the best adherence, avoiding the risk of slips.

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