Marco Gualtieri launches the Global Food Innovation Summit
Marco Gualtieri launches the Global Food Innovation Summit
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Marco Gualtieri launches the Global Food Innovation Summit

The third edition of Seeds&Chips 2017 will take place in Milan

Seeds&Chips is the Global Food Innovation Summit, that is the first international show devoted to agri-food innovations.

The third edition will take place from May 8th-11th 2017 in Milan and it will be a gathering venue for all the protagonists and lovers of food technology in the world. Marco Gualtieri is definitely a great protagonist of the event, being Seeds&Chips founder and organizer.

Gualtieri's idea came from Expo 2015, where he saw the remarkable potential of the food sector in terms of technology and new tools. In fact, from the first edition, the aim of Seeds&Chips was to improve the quality of life and health, building an effective "food system". As a matter of fact, the food sector has a primary importance in the world, employing 40% of the global workforce and being 5.000 billion euros worth.

Seeds&Chips stands out as a shopping window for all people interested in food, being big producers, small national and international operators and buyers. The event devotes great attention to the startup world, especially to those active in food innovations.

Gualtieri chose Milan as host city because, after Expo 2015, the city stood out as a great hub for the food sector, nutrition and sustainability. Furthermore, Milan was already a popular city for fashion and design so "no wonder that it could become the Capital of Food too", Gualtieri stressed in his interview with Panorama-This is Italy.

It is very important to make the population aware of the innovations in the food sector. As Marco Gualtieri stressed, "today we are witnessing several challenges for the human race: climate changes, scarce resources and socio-demographic changes" and an effective management of food is essential. For this reason, Seeds&Chips 2017 will host seminars, round tables and several debates linked to the most crucial contemporary themes: sustainability, food security, global food and wastes.

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