Job opportunities in Italy
Job opportunities in Italy
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Job opportunities in Italy

How head hunting agencies can help both companies and workers during their search

Value Search is an Italian agency committed to "help companies to increase their value by finding valuable people to hire". Value Search is actually a very special head hunting company as it is entirely run by women. Every single day, a highly skilled team made by Giovanna Brambilla, Roberta Rachello, Caterina Tortorella, Lory Yedid and Laura Zolla does its best to search, evaluate and select the best candidates among specialists and managers, working on their skills as well as on their psychological profiles.

According to Value Search Ad Giovanna Brambilla, something is eventually changing in the Italian job market. The number of companies looking for highly skilled workers and managers has significantly increased, and sometimes the expansion in certain sectors is so quick that managers and Ceo approach head hunters in order to get some help in finding as soon as possible new teams for hiring.

It is a matter of fact that at least in certain markets Italy is growing again. As Mr. Brambilla highlighted, all sectors related to what is internationally associated to "the Italian Style" as well as the quality and passion usually linked to the "Made in Italy" concept is currently booming: luxury, fashion, automotive, food & beverage and design, just to quote a few among them. Accordingly, more and more companies need to get ready to accommodate this surging demand hiring new staff.

Considering that more and more companies are now looking at head hunting agencies when they have to fill their vacancies, it has become even more precious for candidates to approach them while looking for new job. Indeed, as Value Search partner Lory Yedid explained, this boom is actually creating a lot of opportunities for Italian candidates as well as for those who already left the country but are now interested in moving back home. Appealing candidates should be familiar with ecommerce, digital marketing, retail operation and retail buying, and should be able to offer a wide knowledge of one of more global geographic regions.

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