Italy nominates Expo 2015 Ambassadors
Italy nominates Expo 2015 Ambassadors
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Italy nominates Expo 2015 Ambassadors

A varied team chosen to promote the exhibition in the world

The theme of Expo Milano 2015 is nutrition, sustainability, research and development to guarantee food and water to the entire world population. The slogan is "Nutrire il pianeta. Energia per la vita", which literally translates "Nourish the planet. Energy for life". Expo society has chosen a team of Ambassadors composed by writers, film directors and other important personalities.

Set designer Dante Ferretti, Oscar winner, has built seven statues called the "Population of Food", 3.5m high. Starting from New York, he has been carrying these magnificent statues around the globe to promote the main message of the Exhibition. The great film director Ermanno Olmi is also an Ambassador, together with the designer Michele de Lucchi.

Expo Milano will be also the first exhibition having women as main characters. The Italian government in general and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in particular are very active in supporting the involvement of women in the exhibition. Even the Vatican is contributing to women empowerment. In particular, Pope Francis is supporting the project "Jeunes filles pour l'Agro", which has as main objective to emancipate African women, by making them protagonists in the agricultural and food chain.

It is not particularly surprising to learn that most of Expo Milano Ambassadors are in fact women, and they are not only Italian. Franca Sozzani, the director of "Vogue Italy"; Vandana Shiva is a famous Indian environmental activist; Taiye Selasi, British writer and photographer with African origins. Other exceptional writers in the Expo team are Simonetta Agnello Hornby, British origins and established in Italy, and the young Chiara Gamberale.

At the moment, more than 140 countries have confirmed their participation. However, the organizers are still hoping that two more nations from the Anglo-Saxon world will soon confirm that they will join them in Milan next year: Canada and Australia.

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