How to travel around the world saving money
How to travel around the world saving money
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How to travel around the world saving money

The precious hints of Liliana Monticone tell us what to do

Liliana Monticone, the witty mother and wife from Alessandria (Piedmont) has become an expert in finding special deals for amazing destinations she usually travels with her husband and 14-year-old daughter.

To give some figures, Liliana was able to go to Svalbard buying a flight ticket for only 170? and enjoy a beautiful cruise at the Bahamas saving 1700? per person! How is it possible? The smart travel blogger has identified some important elements.

Firstly, the focus must be on the travel period. When looking for special deals, it is essential not to restrict the period to some specific days in order to let the system come up with selected promotions.  Secondly, when booking the hotel (also a 5 stars one!) it is better to do it after 4:30 pm, when usually the most luxurious ones clear their rooms. So doing, one could save up to 70%.

Furthermore, when booking flights, never do it during the weekend or on Mondays, since many companies might have not updated their websites and therefore their prices. It is also essential to take advantage of possible mistakes through specific websites that find errors in prices. In this case, you must be quick in buying tickets that will rarely be cancelled. With this method, Liliana and her family were able to fly to London with 5 ? per person.

The Italian travel blogger also points out the need to follow the bidders (such as Expedia or the single airlines) on the social media, to refuse the so-called "all inclusive packages" (often more expensive) and to be very careful to geolocation. With regard to the latter, it happens that using Italy as a your position you will miss out a number of special offers.

The rest of Liliana's precious advices is available on her book "A Guide to low-cost Travels", purchasable both in the paper and e-book version.

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