Giuseppe Ducrot's sculptures in Bologna
Giuseppe Ducrot's sculptures in Bologna
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Giuseppe Ducrot's sculptures in Bologna

Discovering the collection of a brilliant artist mixing styles and times

Bologna is a well-known Italian city, famous for its food but also for arts, attracting visitors from all over the world. An input to visit the city today could be the collection "Giuseppe Ducrot's Sculpture" hosted by Maurizio Nobile Gallery until February the 28th.

Giuseppe Ducrot came to sculpture in the early 1990s, experimenting new techniques on glass ceramics, terracotta, marble and bronze. Actually, he is working with the popular Ceramica Gatti in Faenza, where he produces both classic and contemporary works of art.

Ducrot's sources of inspiration are quite diverse: roman classic art but also baroque and more modern ones, alternating several styles while creating a unique one. Ducrot mostly produces works related to sacred art and he was commissioned with several important jobs. For instance, he sculpted the altar, the throne and the statue of Saint Benedict of Norcia Cathedral (2000); the Statue of Saint Benedict Cassino (2005) and Saint John B. Angels' Basilica in Rome (2012).

Besides many criticisms for Ducrot's choice to go for Sacred, the artist was able to review the way of approaching to religious art, expressing the human need to understand more the divine through arts. Ducrot was very much appreciated by the Italian art critic Vittorio Sgarbi, who defined him "an artist who seem to have continued from where Gian Lorenzo Bernini had stopped". Ducrot's innovative and creative character is visible in every of his work of art, along with his capacity to give a sensibility to the sculpted subjects who seem to be able to communicate with the observer.

The exhibition is enriched by several masterpieces of the artist. Among them, the Yellow Extended Figure, which is the leading work of the exhibition. The Figure reminds of the fluvial deities in different periods of history and that is a prerogative of the artist: mixing styles and times.

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