Exploring the many faces of Trussardi brand
Exploring the many faces of Trussardi brand
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Exploring the many faces of Trussardi brand

Ceo Tomaso Trussardi expalaining the company’s interest for Made in Italy and arts

Trussardi's Ceo Tomaso Trussardi has been recently interviewed by the luxury oriented website Cpp-luxury.com. Beyond discussing about performance, markets, growth strategy, different labels and their affordability, Mr. Trussardi stressed the company's interest in expanding its lifestyle business internationally working on art, food and design together with fashion.

In particular, the brand aims at replicating abroad the successful experiences of the "Ristorante Trussardi alla Scala" and "Caffé Trussardi" formats. It is a matter of fact that in this way Trussardi's Italian origins and identity will be further strengthened. In conclusion, Mr Trussardi stressed the company's commitment to promote contemporary culture introducing the Fondazione Nicola Trussardi as a "nomadic institution that introduces contemporary art into the daily lives of people through exhibitions of international artists held in the historical locations and monuments of Milan."

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