2017 MAB Youth Forum: where creativity serves environmental protection
2017 MAB Youth Forum: where creativity serves environmental protection
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2017 MAB Youth Forum: where creativity serves environmental protection

Some successful Italian stories

The 2017 MAB Youth Forum is the new outstanding Unesco program, gathering together 350 young participants from all continents. The acronym MAB stands for "Man and Biosphere", being the program committed to the safeguard of the environment with a special focus on nature reserves.

Some brilliant Italian minds have made the difference in this UNESCO program, proposing excellent projects. Alessio Greguoldo represents one of these successful Italian stories. Based where his origins are, the Po Delta, Alessio started a very ambitious project concerning oyster farming in the Italian river. Alessio's oysters are very special: known as "the Delta Pearls", Alessio's oysters are pink and very valuable. These oysters are for some experts even better than the French ones. Today, Alessio's plants are numerous and very technological: he can manage them via smart devices even from home, fully respecting the environment.

Another outstanding story within the UNESCO 2017 MAB Youth Forum is Raquel Gelli's one. Born in Brazil but with grandparents with Italian origins, Raquel was working in Rio for a petrol company. Nevertheless, she soon understood that the company was not respecting the environment and even if she had a good salary, Raquel decided to leave her job and her country to go back to Italy, where her family story is. She soon learnt about the Forum and took it as a great chance to combine her creativity with environmental protection. 

Going back to the Po Delta, Laura Negri is another protagonist of UNESCO Forum. In particular, she promotes a project on eco-tourism, sponsoring local beauties in the territory and boosting the economy with new job positions. Laura's idea is in line with the new trends in the field of tourism: people are more and more attentive to high-quality destinations, where they can practise open-air sports and enjoy the nature. For these reason, the Po Delta seems the ideal destination for these kinds of tourists.

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