Italy launches seaweeds and micro-vegetables as the new super-foods
Italy launches seaweeds and micro-vegetables as the new super-foods

Italy launches seaweeds and micro-vegetables as the new super-foods

All details will be disclosed at Seeds&Chips 2017, a great international event of food based in Milan

Seeds&Chips is the Global Food Innovation Summit taking place in Milan, from May 8th until the 11th. The Summit was conceived by Marco Gualtieri and this year celebrates its 3rd edition.

The international event will focus on the hottest issues regarding food today, such as the future nutrition, new production techniques, food security and the right to healthy, sustainable and accessible food.

We should not be astonished if - in the future - people will go around eating cricket snacks or other foods with bacon, shrimps and seaweed, which all present great macronutrients.

Unpredictably, the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) has identified insects as the "food of the future". The Italian startup Addento fully shares FAO vision and it is working hard in this field, researching on the outstanding nutrition properties of insects. For instance, crickets represent a great source of proteins: 69% of their composition is made up of proteins and they are also rich in Vitamin B12, Omega-3 and Omega-6. Furthermore, insects have a very low environmental impact: we need 15 thousand litres of water to produce 1kg of beef meat while only 1 thousand litre is necessary to produce 1kg of crickets.

Mi Green Food is another Italian startup that is investing in alternative foods. In particular, the company is investing in the production of micro-vegetables, which present a great percentage of vitamins C, E and K and for this reason, they are defined "super foods".

Seaweeds too seem to be among the most sustainable foods on our planet. The only thing needed is the sun, no water and no pesticides.

The most popular guest of Seeds&Chips 2017 will be the former US president Barack Obama. The eminent politician will hold a speech and one talk with Sam Kass - his former chef-advisor - who led a healthy revolution at the White House.

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