Introducing Australia as the new Italian dream
Introducing Australia as the new Italian dream

Introducing Australia as the new Italian dream

A web-documentary recounting the lives of Italian migrants down under

Hundreds of young Italians, mainly aged between 20 and 30, have been recently migrating to Australia looking for a new job and a new life. This is not the first time that Australia is experiencing a mass migration from Italy, as the first migrants came Down Under in the '50s.

Aiming at recounting their experience and their life in Australia, the team of Italian Dreamtime came Down Under to gather as many information as possible about the lives of immigrants, the one of the '50s, their descendants and the new ones. After going through their lives and their stories, a web-documentary made of articles, photos and videos was created to emphasize both connections and similarities between all these migratory waves.

To make the history of Italian migration more nuanced, the project "Italian Dreaming - Italians on the other side of the world" has been divided into three chapters: "Ciao Mamma! (From Australia)", speaks about the courage to leave and start over, following either a dream or a better opportunity. "Made in Italy" recounts the stories of Italian entrepreneurship in Australia, stressing how Italian businessmen brought and helped value the Made in Italy Down Under. Finally, "Italian Postcards" tells the stories, the feelings, the doubts and the fears of all those people who "ready for anything", left their families and boarded a ship to a far-away and mysterious land.

Emiliano Bechi Gabrielli (videomaker, photographer and social media specialist), Denis Strickner (videomaker and blogger), Renato La Monica (videomaker and photographer) and Francesca Novali (digital marketing expert, content and social media manager), have been travelling all over Australia for a few months to collect all the information they needed to make their dream come true. Today, all this work is about to be converted in a series of 16 episodes that will be officially launched in mid-March at the Milan Sguardi Altrove Film Festival.

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