How Italian Companies attract foreign Investments
How Italian Companies attract foreign Investments

How Italian Companies attract foreign Investments

Interesting remarks during 2017 Leonardo Committee Forum

The 15th Leonardo Committee Forum held in Rome has recently concluded. As every year, the event gathers together institutions, entrepreneurs and representatives of the financial world to assess the current situation of made in Italy products and on the future perspectives for industrial development.

A very relevant conclusion of the meeting is that Italian companies attract investments. Luisa Todini, president of Leonardo Committee, has stressed how "in a moment of bitter international tensions, the fact that Italian companies are able to capture the attention of foreign capitals is a sign of great attraction of our productive system."

These interesting conclusions are based on the results of the study conducted by KPMG Advisory S.p.A. for the Committee. The number of operations in Italy by foreign investors had a 16,5% increase over the last 5 years. Among the relevant actors on the Italian landscape, France and United States have continued their tradition of buying or participating in business activities in the Bel Paese. At the same time, new players are emerging, such as China and Russia, becoming very interested in Italy.

In addition, an analysis on some target companies during the period 2008-2014 has shown how foreign investments have globally improved the company's situation. In fact, the observed businesses have witnessed a 7% economic growth, a 6.4% dimensional growth and a 14.7% productive growth.

Certainly, the target companies have opened their doors to foreign investors, widening their dimensions, giving more value to their made in Italy products and increasing the life of their brand.

In order to facilitate these operations and to include more companies, it seems essential to continue the partnership with the national government. In fact, ad hoc policies are excellent tools both to attract and to simplify investments. Furthermore, it is essential for companies to open their doors to new actors and to shape their behaviours on already tested best practices.

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