Eurobarometer releases a report on Italy
Eurobarometer releases a report on Italy

Eurobarometer releases a report on Italy

How Italians feel on the “hottest issues”

The Eurobarometer - a popular European statistic tool - has recently released a report on Italy, containing the citizens' opinion on several matters of common interest.

In general, Italians have a positive opinion towards the European Union (EU), being convinced that Italy should stay inside the EU, regarding both the single market and Euro as two assets.

Freedom of movement in terms of travelling, studying and working wherever within the EU is also considered a great benefit for Italians (55%), who see in the Union a great potential.

Interestingly, Italians have shown an increased confidence and satisfaction for their jobs (53%), along with for the financial situation of their family (59%).

Italians' concerns are less focused on economy but still very much on the refugee crisis. In fact, a protectionist attitude seems to be spread among the Bel Paese people, who declared, "it is not Italy's task to help refugees" (46%). Furthermore, a great majority argue that a common immigration policy is an essential priority to address the crisis (69%).

Another significant matter of concern in Italy is terrorism. After the latest attacks in Europe, terrorism has become the "Top 1" priority in the EU's agenda. In Italy, not as the communitarian level, terrorism is regarded as a significant challenge the EU should answer, collectively, through the adoption of a common security and defence policy.

A common energy policy is supported by Italians (66%), mostly focused on renewable energy (40%), stressing Italians' concern for the environment, identified as the second priority of a potential common policy in the field.

Finally, with regard to identity and values, 50% of Italians say not to perceive themselves as citizens of the EU. But this is a very narrow majority, considering that 49% of the interviewees say they are citizens of the EU. Worth mentioning is that, overall in Europe those who feel citizens of the Union are 64% against 34% who do not.

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