Bolzano enterprises look at Europe
Bolzano enterprises look at Europe

Bolzano enterprises look at Europe

Mr. Stefan Pan advocates Rome and Brussels for simpler processes

The annual general assembly of Assoimprenditori, the association of entrepreneurs from Alto Adige, took place a few weeks ago at the House of Culture "Walther von der Vogelweide" in Bolzano. The three hundred associates present at the assembly listened to the words of Stefan Pan, President of Assoimprenditori, of the vice-president of the European Investment Bank Wilhelm Molterer and of the President of the provincial council, Arno Kompatscher. The subject of the assembly was "Our home is Europe, our marketplace is the world", a meaningful title that, as reported by il Sole 24 Ore, President Pan expanded with his speech.

"Thanks to the free market, our enterprises have the possibility to do business without barriers; the standardisation of study degrees allows younger generations to travel very easily and increases their internationalisation. Finally, the introduction of the Europe in 2002 has guaranteed extremely stable prices" explained President Pan to his audience. Exports for Bolzano-based companies represented a fundamental source of income in allowing their stability during the economic crisis. From 2009 to 2014, exports grew of more than ?1 billion.

Despite all the benefits that being part of the European Union entails, President Pan addressed both Europe and Italy for implementing strategies to reach global competitiveness. Pan underlined three key messages in this direction: first, there is a discrepancy between higher labour costs for Italian companies and the fact that employees receive lower wages compared to neighbouring countries. Second, the price of energy in Italy is 30% higher with respect to Europe and three times higher with respect to the US. Third, bureaucracy makes it hard for companies to create new jobs. More trust in enterprises needs to be fostered.

President Pan concluded with a reference to the local politicians. He underlined the importance of transparency, dialogue and commitment to unburden families and companies from taxes and aim at fully exploiting the resources of the territory.

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