Educate by Example, Also in Covid Times
Educate by Example, Also in Covid Times

Educate by Example, Also in Covid Times

Tips for Home Studying from Italy: 28. Let's make these days special

Daily pills to help students (and families) organize their study in Covid-19 times, when almost one billion children have seen their schools close. Signed by Marcello Bramati and Lorenzo Sanna, deans and teachers at Faes High schools in Milan. As reported by Time magazine, they are teaching online during the lockdown, in an ongoing experiment in remote learning. Every morning at 8.30 a.m., their advice, tips and good practices for students of all ages.

Today we launch an appeal to families, who are perhaps discouraged by the torpor that occasionally assails young students or the gloomy pessimism that hovers in some news, when dealing with adolescents.

Young people have lost the will to do, young people no longer have an example... That is certainly not new and not entirely related to the emergency we are experiencing, which rather sharpens elements inherent in adolescence. In any case, that's what we find in our home, between the ups and downs of our children's moods and age.

The fact remains that the parents are the first examples. Especially now that we are all locked in the same house, that we share the same space with our children every single hour of the day. The fact remains that exemplariness has always represented the most effective strategy, silent and continuous, for every educator.

If teachers offer an example every morning, sharing passion and professionalism, there are nowadays many occasions in family life to show our young students a model behaviour. Kids who do not get out of bed, who wear pajamas all day and who switch off the camera during the video lessons could more easily find the strength to change habits and behaviors, if they had parents who face their work day with determination and maybe with enthusiasm.

The student who surrenders to laziness, discouragement or even anger could get inspiration from those able to overcome tiredness with a smile, with a joke, with the desire to relaunch.

If every day seems the same, it is always up to the educator to make special what remains exceptional. For parents this means setting the table for a special lunch on Easter Sunday. Or make the barbecue on the balcony on Easter Monday. Or simply choose a movie and watch it all together on Saturday night.

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