Welcoming the new bottles of Novello wine
Welcoming the new bottles of Novello wine
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Welcoming the new bottles of Novello wine

Why Italy celebrates its "New Wine"

Have you ever heard about the "Vino Novello", or "Novello" wine? If you did and you do not know what does this mean, this is definitely the best time of the year to learn more about Novello.

From the end of October until the beginning of November throughout Italy, from the north to the south, festivals and feasts have the same denominator: New wine (The Novello). The New wine production covers almost the entire national territory, islands included, and Novello is usually made with red grapes.

The peculiarity of this wine is that, according to a special law, it has to be sold after midnight on November the 6th of the same year of the grape harvest, and this is why it remains "new".

If you will be travelling through Italy during this time, here are the best websites to browse to get all the information you need about Novello festivals.

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