Wedding tourism: Termoli beach and Castle
Wedding tourism: Termoli beach and Castle
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Wedding tourism: Termoli beach and Castle

A unique venue to get married in Italy

For those who dream about an amazing wedding on the beachTermoli might be the ideal spot in Italy. The Italian town is located in Molise, on the Adriatic coast, and it is well-known as a resort town famous for its beaches and old fortifications. The fascinating scenario created by these two elements is now available to couples willing to celebrate their special day in a very unique place.

Termoli local administration has finally decided that it will be possible to rent out the section of beach under the majestic castle of the town. This decision was enthusiastically welcomed by many couples and the first wedding to be celebrated in this unique location was celebrated on July 18th. The local administration provided the bride and the groom with a gazebo or a canopy that can be dismantled after the ceremony and then put back for the following one. The local administration also provided the chairs for the guests. It is expected that the predominant colour will often be white (in a classical and simple style) but it might happen that the local authorities should be able to satisfy the wishes of some "creative" couples, dreaming about something different.

The couple was asked to think about all the rest: basically flowers and other decorations. Together with the regulations, Termoli local administration has also published the price list for the rent of the outstanding location: 500 Euros for the beach and 400 Euros during weekdays, whereas it's 600 euros for the beach and 300 euros for the Castle. These prices are intended for residents. With regard to non-residents, they will still have the chance to get married in this unique venue by paying a bit more compared to the locals: up to 800 Euros for the beach and up to 700 for the Castle.

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