Vinitaly: a landmark for Italian Wine
Vinitaly: a landmark for Italian Wine
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Vinitaly: a landmark for Italian Wine

From local to global, the event that changed Italian Wine scenario

Vinitaly - the Verona International Wine Exposition- has become an essential element and catalyst for the success of Italian Wine maisons both nationally and abroad.

Everything started in 1967, when Vinitaly was officially created, first under the name of "Italian Wine Days". In 1971 the event was formally became Vinitaly.

Year after year, the number of wineries participating grew up significantly and in 1978 Vinitaly opened its doors to foreign companies.

The international character of the event culminated with Vinitaly International (started in 2013 with tours around the world), held in Canada for the first time in 2015.

Next year, 2016, will mark Vinitaly's 50th birthday! As usual, the rendezvous is in Verona from April the 10th until 13th and it is an occasion that nobody should miss.

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