Tuscany, natural spas, history and wine
Tuscany, natural spas, history and wine
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Tuscany, natural spas, history and wine

Thermal baths, hidden treasuries and culinary excellence

Maremma is a vast geographical area with hills and contrasting colours that change with the seasons. Here, the "green" tourism is what attracts visitors: in a beautiful frame of plantations, large fields and old farmhouses, there are many ways to explore this land: horse riding, cycling and other outdoor activities.

The area around Castiglione d'Orcia offers a unique experience of natural spa. You can reach the creek through a steep narrow path. Through its course, the water stalls in small pools, that reach the exceptional temperature of 48°C. Other spots for natural spas are in Saturnia. These natural sources of sulphuric water are beneficial for peoples' health. They are, strange but true, absolutely for free, allowing even low-cost tourists to experience luxurious and relaxing thermal baths. In Saturnia, the pools are always open, leaving visitors with the opportunity to have a midnight bath under the starts and completely surrounded by nature.

Tuscany is also well known for its historical sites. In Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa you can see the famous leaning tower. Moreover, there are some less known treasures to be discovered in the whole region, such as small Medieval villages in the hills. In Sansepolcro, for example, you can see a more traditional side of Italy: it is a small village full of narrow streets, little churches and small squares, where you can visit the Aboca Museum. Here, the ancient tradition of medical herbs is exposed through botanical and pharmaceutical old books.

To conclude, Tuscany is very well known for its culinary tradition. Besides Chianina, the thick juicy stake from the local cows, you can have a taste of some excellent wines, like Chianti. Its name comes from the valley it is produced in. Here you can have an all-round experience starting from a visit to the wineries.

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