Tubino and Chemisier, a must for Italian Style
Tubino and Chemisier, a must for Italian Style
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Tubino and Chemisier, a must for Italian Style

Laura Mancini made it adaptable to any kind of woman, playing with colours, fabrics, lines and shapes

In English it is known as the sheath dress, a close-fitting dress reminding an enveloping tubular structure, but being a must for Italian fashion and style, the "tubino" is famous all over the world with its Italian name, too.

It is an immortal piece of cloth, which a young Italian fashion artist has recently made even more appealing. Her name is Laura Mancini, and she describes herself as a "travel's knower, thrust by passion and the search for new incentives." Indeed, she considers the whole world and its people as the main source of inspiration for her own creations.

As an emerging designer interested in enhancing the femininity of women, Laura Mancini's first step has been the one of giving new life to the classic "tubino". This is a kind of dress that everybody has in its own closet, even the fashion icon Coco Chanel, who was used to call it the "Petite Noire",  was in love with it, and it is a master key of true elegance, suitable for any event and occasion.

Working on the undoubtable potential of tubino, Laura Mancini made it adaptable to any kind of woman. It is just a matter of colour, fabrics, lines and shape, as everybody can look good, refined and elegant in a tubino, while at the same time feeling pretty and attractive.

To prove that, Laura Mancini opened her first flagship store in Milan in 2009, where she successfully recreated an intimate and refines atmosphere where her customers can access a more personalized service.

After her successful "tubino experiments", Laura Mancini started looking at other pieces of clothes to make women wardrobes more glamorous and at the same time easier to wear. This year, she is launching a new version of chemisier. She can make it aggressive, elegant, sporty, classic and colourful. It is again a matter of lines, fabrics and details, but every woman can feel both comfortable and at ease for any occasion wearing one of Laura Mancini's chemisier.

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