Travelling through Italy, the perfect holiday for every season
Travelling through Italy, the perfect holiday for every season
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Travelling through Italy, the perfect holiday for every season

Fascinating places, mild weather and diverse scenarios are the perfect recipe for tourism throughout the year

The end of the summer seems a great moment to plan a trip to the Bel Paese, whose beauties and attractions are quite numerous from North to South. The Italian daily Corriere della Serahas recently identified 30 low cost weekend destinations. Let us explore some of them into details.

Firstly, Trieste (Friuli-Venezia Giulia). It presents a great variety of castles, museums and historical cafés that were used to be attended by James Joyce and Italo Svevo. Furthermore, the city hosts the Giant Cave, the biggest touristic cave in the world.

Noli (Liguria) was one of the Maritime Republics and it is still characterized by monuments that connote that golden period. Other remarkable locations are the 18th century Villa del Balbianello in Lenno (Lombardy) hosting a variety of Chinese, African and Precolombian art objects; the artistic park La Court in Castelnuovo Calcea (Piedmont) looking like an artistic fairy tale. Along with the mentioned ones, Chioggia (Veneto) is to be cited as the "small Venice" where one can enjoy the beauty of the lagoon without having too much crowd around. 

Moving down the "boot", two places are not to miss in Puglia, i.e. Polignano A Mare (beautiful sea village where the famous singer Domenico Modugno was born) and Trani (famous for its cathedrals and Svevo Castle). Moreover, for the picky tourists Trapani (Sicily) excels. It does not only offers the close beautiful beaches of San Vito lo Capo and Egadi Islands, but this city also stands out for its historic heritage, thanks to the suggestive salt pans and sights like Ligny Tower and the Colombaia Castle.

Finally, more charming places to visit are located in Central Italy, such as Sperlonga (Lazio), Termoli (Molise) and Narni (Umbria). Two other big names stand out in the North - Valle Del Chiese (Trentino - Alto Adige), Levanto (Liguria) - while the warm South still offers Crotone (Calabria), Pozzuoli (Campania) and Modica (Sicily) well-known for its delicious chocolate.

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