Travelling installations, Bottega Veneta's new idea
Travelling installations, Bottega Veneta's new idea
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Travelling installations, Bottega Veneta's new idea

Three gigantic "intrecciato" bags land in Hong Kong

An amazing exhibition organised by the Italian fashion icon Bottega Veneta is becoming more and more popular in Hong Kong.

In one of the most famous shopping centre in town, The Landmark, the Italian company has organised a unique "travelling installation" displaying three oversized bags, the iconic Veneta, Cabat and Knot. The exhibition is public and visitors are encouraged to learn more about the luxury house's history and design philosophy.

As reminded by the Hong Kong daily South China Morning Post, "Bottega Veneta's intrecciato technique is renowned for its sophistication and versatility". Besides the gigantic bags, "a skilled Italian artisan, who has worked for Bottega Veneta for 21 years, threads another leather strip through the supple leather on her worktable. It looks easy, but it's not". "The bag design is seamless so the technique involves working carefully with individual strips of leather by hand to form it," the Italian artisan explains, "The level of complexity and the difficulty involved with working on the Cabat is what makes me enjoy my work so much," implying that the Cabat is the model she enjoy the most doing.

The installation has been organised to celebrates the 15th anniversary since Tomas Maier took over the brand's creative direction, as well as the Italian house's 50th year since its foundation.

"The Bottega Veneta philosophy is rooted in restraint, subtlety and discretion. Its language is silence, audible only to those who listen. Its signature is the Intrecciato, visible only to those who recognise it. With exceptional craftsmanship, luxurious materials, and intricate details, Bottega Veneta items speak for themselves, but never on behalf of those wearing them, allowing their confidence and individuality to shine through". What Hong Kong people will soon learn about Bottega Veneta is that luxury is a point of view that is more about what they hide than what they show, and as Tomas Maier always highlights, style is about hiding, not showing-off.

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