Three foreigners celebrating Italy at Codice Italia
Three foreigners celebrating Italy at Codice Italia
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Three foreigners celebrating Italy at Codice Italia

William Kentridge, Peter Greenaway, Jean-Marie Straub will be the polyhedral artists protagonists of the Venice Biennale

Vincenzo Trione, curator of the Italian Pavilion of next Biennale di Venezia, has regrouped 18 artists for the exhibition Codice Italia. Among them, three celebrate Italy. In particular they are William Kentridge (South Africa), Peter Greenaway (Britain) Jean-Marie Straub (France). They will go beyond the traditional Italian art, retrieving past traditions and mixing them to new forms of expression.

This is the philosophy underlying Codice Italia: a new melange of exotic and Occident, which recovers minor trends in history of art combining past and present, looking at the future. The participating artists will also have the chance to create some "wonder rooms", fostering inspiration within a unique atmosphere.

But let us have a glance within the initiatives dedicated to Italy. Greenaway offers a mixed path through frescos in Pompei, Morandi's portraits as well as some classics as Leonardos, Raffaellos and Michelangelos. His being also a film director shaped his art as a combination of canvas, cinema, music and new media. On the other hand, Kentridge (expert in engraving) created a small-scale copy of Trajan's Column using charcoal drawings and a collage of figures. Lastly, Straub is a cineaste, passionate of modernity languages, whose creations are very close to Novelle Vague. His installation, for the first time at a Biennale, will be a mixture of images, sounds and working materials. A core element of his art concerns the inspiration drew from "Lezioni di Storia", a film set in Rome in 1972. A small cinema will allow visitors to hear the dialogues in the movies, the sketches and scenes that tell about the Italian capital city.

Finally, the starting point of the exhibition would be the drawings of the project Triumphs and Laments, decorating the massive walls around Tevere, on a sequence long 550 meters and 12 meters high. Themes would be very varied from the Second World War to Remo's death all in one majestic work of art. The 56th Venice International exhibition titled All the World's Futures remains open until November 22nd.

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