The new “night outfit” of Roman Forum
The new “night outfit” of Roman Forum
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The new “night outfit” of Roman Forum

450 Led lights illuminating the outstanding archaeological site in the Italian Capital city

The Roman Forum, one of the most popular archaeological sites in the world, will have a new "night outfit". In fact, tonight 450 led lights will start enlightening the area. This initiative has been sponsored by the Rome Archaeological Authority (devoting 400 thousand Euros) and Acea (participating with 80 thousand Euros), the municipal company for electric energy that has already revived several areas of the Capital.

The significant amount of lights and the shades they create give a new face to the whole site, characterized by the beauties of the Caracalla Baths, Titus and Marc Aurelio's triumphal arches and to the Antonio and Faustina's Temple, with inside the Baroque Church of Saint  Laurence in Miranda. Those who are willing to experience this new suggestive setting will have the chance to go for a night tour, available until October 28th 2016. Groups can include maximum 25 participants and will go around for 75 minutes. The official languages will be English and Italian. This path is added to the already active cycle of night tours "The Moon on the Colosseum", on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays until October 29th.

Also the Holy Road will have its tiles all enlightened. The new chromatic elegance highlighting Rome archaeological sites will be seen from anyone passing by via dei Fori Imperiali, Belvedere del Clivo Capitolino and from Carcere Mamertino Square. 

Several chromatic nuances can be created, according to the specific place. The colour temperature is anyway included in the range 2200 K (white-gold light) and 3800 K (soft-white light). Furthermore, the 450 led lights also have the advantage of being economically sustainable, cutting down the cost to 60% less.

Mr. Francesco Prosperetti, head of the project, has stressed to the Italian Daily Corriere della Sera the strong will of authorities to give "the area the night liveability it deserves to welcome national and international tourists, along with locals". More information is available at the website .

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