The flavours of Piemonte
The flavours of Piemonte
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The flavours of Piemonte

Chocolate, hazelnuts, wine and truffles

In Turin, there is an eradicated culture about chocolate. Everybody is able to taste and judge the quality of chocolate and has their favourite producer. Gobino, Peyrano, Guido Castagna, La Perla are some of the names associated with production's excellence. The famous pralines are cured to the smallest detail: not only their ingredients are selected carefully; their design also plays an important role. Herbs and spices such as ginger, cinnamon, fleur-de-lis and rosemary are imported from all over the world to create a unique culinary experience. Piemonte is also famous for its Nocciola Piemonte Pgi, the locally produced hazelnut symbol of many generations.

Turin is a dynamic and vibrant city. Design and continuous architectural development goes side by side with history and tradition. The Mole Antonelliana is a majestic landmark building, 167m high. By walking around in the city centre, you can enjoy some refreshments in the historical cafes, where the aristocracy of the House of Savoy used to meet and where progressive ideas were discussed.

Piemonte has also some beautiful natural landscapes. Mountains, lakes, hills and plain areas constitute a fascinating framework for a green getaway. The area called Langhe is famous for its grapevines, where the well-known wine Barolo comes from. In the same surroundings, the bushes hide some of the most delicious Tartufo (truffle). In order to pick truffles, you need to be certified. However, recently, also visitors can take part in the researching excursions. In Alba, the main city of this area, there are many initiatives rotating around Tartufo, such as tastings and fairs.

The small villages also offers ancient buildings from the medieval era: towers, churches, lanes. To have an all round experience, it is suggested to overnight in one of the many family-owned b&bs, where you wake up surrounded by hills and nature.

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