The B7 Art Apartments in Milan
The B7 Art Apartments in Milan
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The B7 Art Apartments in Milan

The new concept of innovative accommodation

Italy has successfully launched its very first art smart building in Milan devoted to tourists, who now have the chance to rent for short and medium term 24 innovative apartments - known as B7 Art Apartments.

The building has been recently renovated and personalized by the ReActionLab design studio, supervised by Chiara Tosi and artistically enriched by Stefano Rossetti. The outcome of this work was a unique story of contemporary Milan through pop lenses. The exaltation of the key elements characterizing the city - such as St. Ambrogio Basilica and the aperitivo ritual - are all included in a unique narration through images expressing a deep love for Milan without any word.

Not only the building is new and fashionable inside but it also offers its visitors a variety of technological services. For instance, guests will be able to use the innovative condo electric car sharing based on the urban micro-vehicle Birò. It was conceived by the Italian company Estrima to allow the users a comfortable exploration of the city.

Furthermore, the innovative character of B7 Art Apartments is evident in the way guests can access them: via a free phone call (with no roaming costs for foreign numbers). Tourists won't even need to download any app since the system recognizes the phone number provided together with the other check-in information.

The building is also provided with a very fast Wi-Fi system to secure its guests with great efficiency. In order to be environmentally friendly, the temperature of the building is automatically regulated according to the bookings calendar. However, all the apartments were built following high standards of energy efficiency. Certainly, B7 Art Apartments will make a unique experience in what is becoming the innovative tourism concept in big cities, mixing digital technology with comfort and arts.

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