Ten Things Italian People Can Do Better than Anybody Else
Ten Things Italian People Can Do Better than Anybody Else
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Ten Things Italian People Can Do Better than Anybody Else

Flattery, Cursing, Hot Baths, Beaches, Volcanos, Caves, Rivers, Desserts, Sports Cars and Bad Governmental Records Make the Top Ten

Some months ago the Cnn decided to publish some stories in which what different people in the world are good at doing where highlighted. The aim of the whole report was stressing countries' peculiarities going beyond the usual clichés. Italy, together with France, the United States, Canada, Taiwan, India, South Korea and Hong Kong, was among them, and this is what Cnn reporters think the land of sunshine should be proud of.

Flattery, introduced as an art Italians can use with friends and strangers, and cursing should be probably viewed as the two sides of the same coin. Indeed, the latter is described as a performance art created by a "rhythmic, staccato and with an almost operatic legato that fuses syllables together like a hammer-on guitar note".

Not many people know that there are nearly 400 spa sites in the whole peninsula, and that the whole spa-wellness business originated in Italy. So hot baths are another thing Italians should be proud of, together with beaches, considering that the country hosts 7,400 kilometers of coastline and 27 marine parks, and that temperatures there peak in many places at just below 30 C, which means getting the chance to swim in tropical waters without sharks and trinket hawkers.

Volcanos are another Italian unknown attraction: Etna's spectacular eruptions usually gather more than a million tourists per year, while the Aeolian islands of Vulcano Lipari and Stromboli are known as "the Mediterranean's Lighthouse".  The same should be said for caves and rivers. "Italy is one of the most cave-pocked countries on the planet, with more than 35,000 cavities above ground and thousands more underwater". Similarly, although its rivers aren't as long or easily navigated as those in the rest of Europe, "visitors can float from one beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site to another", enjoying unforgettable landscapes during every trip.

In terms of food, desserts are a must: according to the Cnn, "for sheer volume and variety of treats, nothing beats Italian sweets", and its sports cars are described as "sex on wheels".

Bad governmental records are also typically Italian, where the average MPG (months per government) is barely over 12.

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