Relaxing holidays in Puglia
Relaxing holidays in Puglia
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Relaxing holidays in Puglia

Salento, olive oil, trulli and yoga

The best time to visit Salento, the very south of the Italian region named Puglia, is during September and October. In fact, in these months the beaches are quiet and the prices are cheap. The area of Salento is perfect for sea lovers. The different provinces, Lecce, Brindisi, Taranto and Foggia all offer some of the best beaches in Italy and paradisiac landscapes. Otranto is the most eastern city in Italy. The beach of Roca Vecchia is a must if you are looking for white cliffs, crystal clear water and calm sea. Also in the area of Otranto there is Torre dell'Orso beach, a unique beauty characterized by very fine sand, low dunes and great pine forests.

In Puglia, the nature is wild with secular olive trees and precipitous cliffs. Autumn is the season of smells, flavours and tastes in Puglia. In November the harvest of olives takes place and you can go visit the traditional oil-presses or participate at festivals of local food and oil tasting. This region is particularly well known for its olive oil production and many visitors are attracted by this culinary experience. Something you cannot miss in Puglia are also the trulli of Alberobello, an Unesco human heritage site since 1996. These are cone-shaped shelters made out of stones, the tops covered in limestone.

A growing trend in Puglia are the yoga retreats in the inland. Some resorts offer a meditation experience, where you can take care of yourself and find your balance away from the crowded beaches. These rejuvenating retreats are accompanied by biological vegetarian cuisine. At these resorts, your days will be characterized by walks in the nature, massages, readings at the poolside and life mental fitness classes. You can choose among a variety of courses from international masters of Ashtanga Vinyasa or Jivamukti.

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