Naples launches a new “Happy Hour” style
Naples launches a new “Happy Hour” style
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Naples launches a new “Happy Hour” style

An eccentric way to enjoy the Italian “aperitivo”

Italy is quite famous for its "aperitivo" tradition. Indeed, an aperitivo there is more than an alcoholic beverage served before a meal to stimulate the appetite, rather a moment to share delicious wine and food with relatives and friends.

Although the aperitivo has often been associated to the North of Italy rather than the South, Neaples, the realm of creativity, has recently launched a new way that is actually broadening this tradition.

Mixing street food, accessibility, and innovation, Vincenzo and Maurizio Russo, together with Concetta Farina and Clara Amodeo, invented the APEritivo, that is a moving aperitivo. What they need can indeed travel anywhere on an Ape car, allowing clients to taste local delicacies anywhere they like. It goes without saying that special menus can be arranged for special occasions.

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