Italian Gemstones in Hong Kong
Italian Gemstones in Hong Kong
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Italian Gemstones in Hong Kong

A new exhibition celebrating Bulgari amazing collections

A new exhibition called "The Master of Colours High Jewellery" just opened in the Four Season Hotel in Hong Kong. Local people and tourists have now the occasion to appreciate some of the best pieces shaped by Bulgari, the Italian icon for jewels with audacious colours and unique stylistic choices.

To allow its visitors to truly experience the beauty of these Italian masterpieces, the venue has been transformed in a "visual paradise of colour, designed especially to accentuate the brilliance of the gemstones on display".

A bunch of lucky guests also had the chance to have a chat with Bulgari's creative director Giampaolo Della Croce, who explained the significance and history of the coloured stones to Bulgari's history. According to Mr Della Croce, "one of the most distinctive characteristics of Bulgari is our love of colours and being able to combine them to create beautiful jewellery without losing our Italian identity and heritage". He believes that high jewellery has to exhibit three qualities - charisma, uniqueness and the ability to maintain a common thread with its heritage. This is the reason why Bulgari's mission is not the one of impressing costumers with new jewels, rather to help them to "feel" the stones.

Among Bulgari's most precious sources of inspiration, there are "the world of nature, Roman history and the flamboyancy of colours". As Mr Della Croce explained to South China Morning Post, "In nature, the serpent has become our signature. But we continue to find new ways to interpret the serpent. Now it comes with a geometric head. Flowers also represent nature as you can see in many of Bulgari's pieces. But ultimately it's the stones that become the focus of our creativity because they are the soul of a Bulgari jewel".

It is not a coincidence that Bulgari's best selling pieces are necklaces, as they can successfully mix all Bulgari's sources of inspiration in a unique piece that can nurture the soul of the person that is wearing it while leaving those who are looking at it speechless.

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