Italian Christmas markets, a tradition not to miss
Italian Christmas markets, a tradition not to miss
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Italian Christmas markets, a tradition not to miss

Where one could find typical handmade products, fine objects and delicious food

Christmas comes along with a beautiful atmosphere of love, family!

This is a spread tradition worldwide that in Italy turns out to be very special thanks to the mouth-watering food and nativity scenes, finely made by local craftsmen. Let us explore some of the Italian best Christmas markets one should not miss out.

Bolzanohosts its own from November 26th until December 23rd and it stands out as one of the most famous of the Alpine area. Set up in Piazza Walter, visitors can find local craftsmanship together with local food specialties.

Merano's market is on from November the 26th until January the 6th. The city - well known for its spas and beauty centres, becomes a hub where to find several goods and particular objects. In fact, craftsmanship is accompanied by knotted goods, pastries, ceramics, toys along with organic products and clothes.

In Trento the market ends on 23rd December. Held in the majestic Piazza Fiera, visitors have the chance to enjoy traditional products, wooden huts, decorations and presents.

Vipiteno finishes on January the 6th. The setting is the suggestive Tower Torre delle Dodici and visitors should not miss the traditional crib exhibition with handmade products.

Turin can be proud of its colourful market, finishing on December 23rd. Along with the stands, music, theatre and activities for kids are regularly organized at weekends. Furthermore, the area of Piazza Dora also offers some specific recreational spaces specifically devoted to youngest guests.

Last but not least the capital, Rome, hosts a beautiful and huge Christmas market in Navona Square. Ending on January the 6th, visitors have the chance to enjoy the several stalls with typical products, from craftsmanship to special delicacies. Furthermore, children can meet Santa Clause and have a tour of the nativity scenes.

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