Italian breath-taking scenarios: Capri and its Blue Grotto
Italian breath-taking scenarios: Capri and its Blue Grotto
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Italian breath-taking scenarios: Capri and its Blue Grotto

An unforgettable experience between myths, legends and amazing beaches

Capri is one of the Italian beauties everyone should visit. It is possible to reach the astonishing island by ferry from Naples, but also from Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast.

As the Australian magazine Italianicious also recognized, characterized by limestone, rocks and pebble-filled beaches Capri is nothing but unique. The island also hosts the breath-taking Blue Grotto. Legends and myths over the centuries have contributed to the popularity of the Grotto, which remained abandoned until 1826. In fact, after the fall Roman Empire people started believing that the Grotto was inhabited by witches and seductive mermaids who would push sailors into rocks by hypnotizing them with their singing.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the Blue Grotto was rediscovered by a local fisherman (Angelo Ferrraro) and two the German painters August Kopisch and Ernst Fries. Since then, the Grotto - "Grotta Azzurra" in Italian - became one of Capri's most popular attractions. Nowadays, it is common to see boats crowded by tourists around the Grotto to see what happens inside. The entrance is very tiny - around 1 metre - while the height of the cave is 14 metres. Overall, Grotta Azzurra is about 50 metres long and 25 metres wide. Since the entrance is too narrow, it is not possible to row the boat inside using oars. Therefore, the boat is usually pulled in and passengers need to lie down to avoid hitting on the rocks above their heads.

Tourists can visit the Grotta departing from Marina Grande, in small or large wooden boats, accompanied by Italian boatmen, shouting and laughing at each other. Marina Grande is the main port of Capri. There is an amazing environment depicted by the typical paste coloured houses, along with restaurants and shops.

Just bear in mind that it is possible to visit the cave only when the weather conditions are good and the sea is not to rough.

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