How to visit Italy by train
How to visit Italy by train
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How to visit Italy by train

InterRail Pass, a smart way to travel around Europe at a decent cost

"Visit Italy's magnificent monuments on your rail trip!" - that's how the InterRail webpage advertises itself, adding that, as an assortment of mesmerising attractions, "Italy has something for every traveller".

As most people know, the InterRail pass is a railway ticket, available only to European residents and allowing them unlimited rail travel in and between all participating countries for a certain period of time. There are several kinds of passes, with different limitations and tariffs, but the most popular ones are those targeting under-26 girls and boys, who are given the opportunity to experience travelling around Europe at a decent cost.

Four options are available for would-be-visitors to Italy. The first and cheapest is the "InterRail Italy Pass", ranging from 87 Euros (allowing to take as many trains as you want on three travel days in one month, if you are under 26 years of age) to 376 Euros. Prices vary depending on the number of travelling days, class of the ticket and your age. A more expensive choice would be purchasing the "Interrail Global Pass": prices range from 224 to 836 Euros, and it will admit you to travel by train in 30 different countries. It is also the most popular selection, as more than choose the Global Pass every year.

Reviews by those who travel to Italy every year are often enthusiastic. "It is safe to say that I have wanted to go to Italy for a very long time. And finally this dream of mine has come true - what a total dream it was", wrote UK-based blogger Charlotte Coster. And that's what she wrote at the end of it: "As you can probably tell, I adored every second I was in Italy. I had so many incredible experiences and saw so many things, that I will never ever forget".

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