Gucci and Prada at Italian Autumn-Winter fashion show
Gucci and Prada at Italian Autumn-Winter fashion show
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Gucci and Prada at Italian Autumn-Winter fashion show

The incredible shows of two Italian fashion icons

Milan Fashion Weeks are famous for being stunning. This year, the most incredible shows where the ones of fashion icons Gucci and Prada.

According to the Hong Kong daily South China Morning Post, looking at Gucci's performance has been like "looking through the giant windows of a futuristic palm house into a wondrous botanical world, with animals and flowers printed, woven, embroidered or knitted and worn in eclectic combinations by willowy models. Alessandro Michele indulged his love for flora and fauna, which included his signature bee on leather bags and biker jackets."

The new Gucci's collection was praised for fashion designer Alessandro Michele's ability to propose a "mash-up of disparate parts with an underlying '80s aesthetic. A country check jacket is slipped over a long floral print skirt worn with embroidered hosiery and a Japanese parasol, but the combinations are cleaner and more simple, and occasionally show an Eastern influence. There are lots of pieces drawn from Gucci's heritage including the Gucci slogan as headbands or a vest, worn with ripped jeans, with slogans irreverently drawn all over the Gucci logo."

In a completely different setting, reminding all the "functionality of a college bedsit: walls covered in maps, teenage Polaroids and posters of pin-up girls, the audience sitting on beds", Miuccia Prada's collection also brought back to the '70s spirit. "The collection was full of texture with mohair spun into soft coats and curvy dresses; the bright curly lamb coats and smooth silks swishing with long fringe beading had touch-me appeal. Fluff and fur even crept down to the footwear". Confirming the very precious style of this famous Italian brand.

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