Grottaglie, Italian “town of pottery”
Grottaglie, Italian “town of pottery”
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Grottaglie, Italian “town of pottery”

An interesting tour to discover Italian traditions

As explained by the Australian magazine Italianicious, "in the heel of Italy's boot is a pretty town called Grottaglie (Apulia) where the art of pottery has endured since centuries gone by. To this day, pottery continues to form a vital part of the area's history and culture".

This little town is not very well known outside Italy, but despite that thanks to its pottery and pottery workshops continue to draw people in from near and far. The reason is that in Grottaglie, "pottery is an art form that is still widely practised, with products still made by hand". Tableware, amphorae and decorative pieces can be found everywhere, and if you pass by the Quartiere delle Ceramiche (the Ceramics Quarter), you will definitely bump into some pottery workshops where it will be possible to admire artisans at work.

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