Exploring the Vatican Museums at night
Exploring the Vatican Museums at night
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Exploring the Vatican Museums at night

A new light to explore a unique collection

In case you are planning a trip to Rome and you are looking at a unique experience in one of the best museums in town, it is better to make sure to spend at least one Friday night there. This is not to enjoy local bars or renowned eateries, rather to explore the stunning Pope's Museums at night.

The Vatican Museums night openings initiatives will allow people visiting Rome from May to October to access its collection from 7 to 11 pm. What tourists are recommended to look at if they decide to take advantage of this unique experience is the peculiar light that will illuminate the prestigious collection. According to those who have been there before, after the sunset paintings assume a magic touch that cannot be described through words. So just go and visit if you are curious to understand what they are talking about.

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