European best destinations for tourism
European best destinations for tourism
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European best destinations for tourism

How Milan and Rome entered the top fifteen

European Best Destinations, a travel organization based in Brussels and committed to promote culture and tourism in Europe, has just released the results of an online competition launched to identify the Best European Destination for tourism in 2015.

Twenty selected destinations competed for the prestigious title. Bordeaux is the winner, followed by Lisbon and Athens. It is interning to notice that the most famous tourist destinations in Europe (Paris and London, together with Madrid and Berlin) did not enter the top 15. With one exception: Rome, confirming the Italian capital as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Valetta (Malta), Riga, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Innsbruck, Milan, Brussels, Vienna, Barcelone, Istanbul and Madrid also entered the top 15. The presence of Milan in this ranking proves one more time the huge expectations connected to Expo 2015, where this city is expected to show all its beauties.

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