Dolomites: the perfect winter holiday
Dolomites: the perfect winter holiday
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Dolomites: the perfect winter holiday

No matter which slope you choose, your ski and snowboard wishes definitely will come true

Known as the most beautiful mountains in the world, the Dolomites claim 1,200 km of dreamlike shaped slopes, gentle descents, fun parks as well as state-of-the-art lift facilities in 12 ski areas.

Ski lovers know that very well: if you visit the Dolomites, "no matter which slope you choose, your ski and snowboard wishes definitely will come true". In this area, pure ski pleasure is around every corner due to the incredible opportunity of enjoying the snowy slopes of the 3.000 m high Marmolada Mountain together with sun, fun and entertainment, or of crossing the Ladin valleys by admiring the majestic peaks of the mountain scenery without taking your skis off.

But the Dolomites are not only about skiing: not many visitors are aware that these beautiful mountains are part of the UNESCO heritage. "The sharp peaks constitute together with the gentle hillsides and the picturesque seas a unique and breath-taking scenery that you can admire from the sun deck of the mountain huts or during your outside activities. When the sun turns the peaks into a warm, red light you will once more appreciate the beauty of the Dolomites".

This area is also popular for other winter activities such as cross-country skiing, sledging, winter walking, skating, snowshoeing and horse-riding. Cross-country lovers, in particular, "enjoy themselves on 1,177 km of tracks and ice skating passionate are enchanted by the surrounding landscape while dancing on the frozen tarns".

Finally, the Dolomites are an area that is also famous for its gourmet food. Tourists can indeed spoil their palate in one of the 14 Michelin star awarded restaurants, enjoying "traditionally prepared receipts or newly interpreted food in sophisticated cuisines: from South Tyrolean Schlutzkrapfen to the Puzzone cheese of Trentino and the "Risi e Bisi" of Veneto (rice and peas), you have the agony of choice".

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